4 Weeks To The Big USA Trip

Now I know your thought I would be talking about the trip and the USA plans in the post but there is something more important to address first. 4 weeks out and I am starting to get a little nervous, not so much about the trip itself but being away from my wife and two girls for so long. 3 Weeks at the ages of 4 and 7 can seem like forever even if we do talk on the phone almost everyday. In addition to that 3 weeks of doing absolutely everything for the girls and around the house is extremely exhausting for my wife, I know she is not looking forward to it.

As part of thinking about them and trying to make it easier whilst I am gone I am now thinking of ways to try to make things easier for them all whilst I am gone, such extra pre prepared meals made and frozen ready to go for those rushed night after work,school and childcare/kindy.

In addition to this I am also hoping to get done a whole heap of housework in the week prior to going away such as the vacuming, the mopping and other tasks that I don’t really enjoy such as some dusting all to try and re leave some of the pressure on my wife whilst I am gone.

In addition to this I will mow the lawns prior to leaving and then plan to do this again the day after returning to ensure they do not grow to much more than normal (normally done every 2 weeks or so) and remove any growing weeds in the garden and double check and repair any issues in the watering system.

All of this is the least I can do seeing as I got given the green light to take this holiday without her and my daughters. I know she is going to take her own holiday later in the year but we are a team and getting everything done around the house is a team effort and I will be trying to do as much as possible of might bit in advance as possible.

Thinking big is not just thinking about yourself but also the ones that are important to you in your life, this is crucial to your success as if you are not present for those around you at some point in time it will come back to bite you. The support they give may be gone, your relationship may be effected and as a result your work/focus may begin to suffer undoing all of your hard work that put you in that position. Think big, think long term and factor that important time and effort into your planning and goals as success may not be that great if there is no one there to share it with when you finally achieve it.

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