5 Great Posts to help you succeed

I wanted to share with you all a couple of posts that have really helped me and I hope with help you in achieving your big dreams. Like I mentioned in my previous post read, research and expand your mind and your knowledge level so please check out the posts mentioned below

  1. The post is one of many helpful and inspirational posts from Pat Flynn at Smart Passive income, I have been listening to his podcast for over a year now and can’t believe how many little tips and tricks I have picked up that I am now working hard to put into action. The first post I am going to direct you to is one that I am working on right now which about networking which as mentioned in the previous post is crucial to the success of your big thoughts. In this case specifically though finding a mastermind group and how important this is to your success. I am looking to find one myself now as I know how important it is on so many levels. To be honest it is something that I have gone without in my previous attempts online and I believe a big part of my failure as well. Anywell please go take a look and let Pat tell you all about mastermind groups and how they can help you.
  2. Keep motivated/stay motivated, hearing/reading success stories can have either a motivating or demotivating effect depend on you look at it. Generally, the best way to fix motivation issues it to go back to basics. I have read a post from Harsh Agrawal on Shout me Loud a number of times as I find it quite helpful when I face motivation issues. Now I know this post is written directed at bloggers but much of the information here can be tweaked to almost anything so bookmark this one for when you are feeling a little demotivated.
  3. This one I am sure will be a little controversial but I am a big believer in the fact that you make things happen for you. As bad as it sounds with the world it is today most people only do something for you when they are getting something out of it themselves and as such, we need to stop expecting things from others. It is not wise to rely on other peoples actions for your success just be grateful and appreciative when it happens, showing how grateful you give yourself and others the best chance of that person putting themselves out there for others in the future.
  4. Social media is so vitally important in building a brand in the world we live in today, A good social media presence can be the difference between success or failure or at least how fast you reach your goals. Now there are literally thousands of posts online and both Smart Passive Income and Shout me loud have great content on this but am sure with how good they are you will be planning to spend a fair bit of time obtaining their knowledge from points 1 and 2 above so I will direct you to some very simple concise advice from Lifehack.org and there 9 tips.

There are plenty of great pieces of work on the internet some better than others and the sites not just the articles mentioned above have been a great help to me and I am sure they will also help you achieve those big thoughts and dreams you are daring to think up

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