5 Tips to finding a Great Travel Buddy

  • Enjoy spending time with them

If you cant spend long periods of time with someone without getting seriously frustrated the avoid travelling with them, you need to be able to communicate and each others company. I am not just saying to be able to tolerate each other for extended periods but actually be happy about it as you will be in close proximity for extended periods with potentially limited opportunities to yourself

  • Have Similar Budgets

For me this is a huge on, if you are not aligned on this one you have the potential to ruin both your holidays. No matter how much you are in sync with your travel partner this is something that you need to discuss prior to booking anything as if one person is on a champagne budget and luxury suites whilst the other is on a hostel and 2 minute noodles budget you are destined to be arguing before you begin.

  • Have Similar Interests

This is key not to many people can enjoy themselves for extended periods when they have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to travel to a destination and then end up doing very little that actual interests them. That being said you interests don’t need to be perfectly aligned just close and then you both need to be willing to compromise on a few of those differences for each other. Personally some of my best holiday memories are related to things that I had little interest in seeing or doing but when there or did that to get to do something that I had wanted.

  • Discuss what you want out of the Holiday in Advance

This seems like a simple one yet it is missed so often, there are two main styles of holiday that most people take, rest and relaxation. Generally this is at a nice easy pace, lots of time by a pool a few massages or lazing on a beach that sort of thing. Then there is the flip side of that maximise the experience trying to cram as much as possible into the short space of time that you have. Being almost constantly on the go taking in every experience possible. You need to want similar things here if you are worlds apart on this you may as well take separate holidays

  • Flexible and willing adapt, adjust and or compromise 

Its not secret that travelling doesn’t always go to plan and a result both yourself and your travel companion need to be able to adjust to changing circumstances. No matter how well you plan and prepare there are always going to be things out of your control which may force you to adapt or compromise on something from your original itinerary. Someone who is not willing or able to do this can easily get grumpy or frustrated and potentially stay that way for days or even the rest of the trip turning into a massive buzz kill.

Now you know what to look out for all when picking the perfect travel buddy, and if you are anything like me about half way through reading this you were already ruling people out from your next holiday. With it now possibly narrowed to a couple you just need to decide where you want to go.

Happy travels until next time


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