About ME

I am family man I have an amazing loving wife who supports me and everything that I do, we have to beautiful daughters currently 6 and 3. It has been amazing watching them grow and develop there own unique little personalities.

I currently manage a office team in a medium size warehouse a job I once enjoyed but now find very repetitive, I enjoy a challenge, being challenged, having a goal to work towards a career path planned out and I currently I don’t have those things. I have always wanted to be my own boss the business owner and now is the time and this website Dare to Think Big is the start of it.

My wife and I love to travel, we have been interstate here in Australia a number of times and also completed tours through England, Scotland and Wales, Europe and self-planned itinerary through parts of the United States of America. We have not traveled internationally since having children but do have plans in the works which I will share separately.

For me life is now about what is next, watching my children grow up, develop my own business, support my wife and to get the most of life. Challenge the norm, the standard, work hard and push myself to succeed without compromising on quality family time. You read or listen some of the online “gurus” who tell you sleep less work more, or while you are sleeping or having a life others are making money. So many of these people are alone or don’t seem to have strong family interaction so in my opinion whats the point family comes first.