Think big

DAring to think big

Dare to think big can have a few different interpretations, for me it is about aspiring to something big, something or somethings greater than the standard. Many people believe that when you think big, you will start to make decisions and take actions that bring you results. Generally these results would not be possible with your standard way of thinking. I previous manager of mine used to always say “if nothing changes nothing changes” basically saying if you want something to change make a change, make it happen.

Most people are conditioned to think small generally because of past experiences such as going big and failing or attempting to pursue there dreams when younger and being told by parents, teachers and friends to be realistic or were told they were being silly. The positive for you is that you and I have made it this far we are in control of our own future, we can choose what to think and how we are going to achieve what we want in life.

First thing is first to know where you want to, to know what it is that you want to achieve you need to let your imagination run a little wild, imagine all the possibilities visualise them see yourself achieving great things. Logic is not everything sure it get you through day to day life but the vast majority of the worlds most successful people are out of the box thinkers. The get the day to day play book and throw into the fire and create there own. They visualise what they want and then plan how to get it.

Now you have your goal you need to achieve the first step of this is knowledge, almost everyone has heard the saying “knowledge is power” well in almost all cases that is true and significantly so in this instance. To put yourself in the best position to make your visualisation a reality you will need to expand your knowledge and as a result expand your thinking power. Read, research and expand your thinking.

From here it is time to network, just not in your standard circles network with successful people, this will further expand your thinking, seeing hearing and experiencing how other successful people go about achieving there goals is a major step in the right direction and a huge confidence boost. Knowing that other people have achieved big things encourages you that you can achieve big things and shows you to think even bigger.

With all your new knowledge and continued growth 10x your thinking if you are trying to make 10k aim for 100k. Many people live beyond there expectations because they think small they don’t dare to think big in fear or failure. People are naturally conditioned to play it safe to protect themselves. So multiplying your goal by 10x overcomes this. It will also make you take a more creative approach as the strategy for achieving 10k per month is very different to the one to achieve 100k per month. As you should always keep your goals realistic to stop you from self-sabotaging you should now also be thinking longer term, looking at the big picture planning for the future. As part of this you will need to break down your roadblocks, eliminate your limitations. Understand your limitations and make it part of your strategy to tackle them to remove those obstacles. If you are limited by your knowledge plan to read more learn more, if you do know something google it, watch it on youtube practice it. If you are limited financially set a budget to obtain your setup costs, make an initial step a fundraising target affiliate market via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram these all cost nothing and with the appropriate knowledge can all pay off over time.

Success will not come over night as mentioned above you need to think long term, envision a path and set interim goals for yourself to achieve as you travel down this path, celebrate the accomplishment of these interim goals as you achieve them, not only is this a great feeling it also lets you know you are capable you are on the right track. Finally be curious, explore, discover and continue to develop keep dreaming big, keep thinking big keep reaching for the stars. If someone tells you that it cant be done use that to drive you, prove them wrong.

Remember everyone starts somewhere, often this is just with one small simple step or action, then complete another and another build momentum and overtime progress to more complicated larger actions. Remember we can all do it we just need to dare to think big and then follow through.

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