Time To Start Making Money

Well as you would know my goal is to live soley off of income from online sources, currently this is far from the truth as I only make about an average of $50 profit a week from Ebay sales at the moment. These sales either come in a quick flurry as $100 one week and then nothing or$10 to $20 in sales. As a result I am looking at what is next, firstly looking at products to promote on here via affiliate links but I only really want to promote products I believe in via Dare to Think Big. I don’t just want to push something for the sake of pushing it that’s not how you get repeat business so that is not a long term strategy so I think it is one to avoid. I will look at placing some small texts and on here to earn a small amount from to cover hosting costs and alike.

If I don’t have the products to promote to this audience well where do I go from here, every form of internet marketing requires some kind audience, how do I build to audience’s at once both for my income stream whatever it may be and here. Options that I am considering at current are a Shopify store and marketing Clickbank products. In regards to both, I am considering using the income from Ebay to pay for advertising for both. It appears the old saying you have to spend money to make money is correct or at least it helps you cut a few corners and save a whole heap time and effort allowing to focus here on Dare to Think Big more instead of spreading my time to thin on top of my current full-time job and family time.

As always there is plenty more learning to do, both straight out research lots and lots of reading and some testing finding out what ad platform is going to work best for me, what products I want to test, use and then recommend. In addition to that if I am going to push products external to this site what products are the best to promote, what is the best way to drive traffic to those products and so on. I am glad I am 3 weeks away from 20 odd hours on a plan as I will have a whole heap time to complete that research.

Next is driving social traffic getting followers to the Dare to Think Big Social Channels Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. How to I get there following to improve and in return drive more traffic here. I know in 3 weeks time I will be overseas and sharing heaps and heaps of pictures from my travels but I want those followers prior to that so the followers I have then are seeing and sharing those pictures and tweets to there followers and so on. Is it worth getting a fiverr gig for this? do I push heavy on one hoping it flows onto the others? I guess more research and more learning to be done but that will be my focus. Gain social followers and drive traffic from there for now.

If anyone has any tips, thoughts, feedback I would love to hear them.

Cheers until next time


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