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As mentioned in my about me page my wife and I love to travel but since having our 2 children we have not really done very much and especially nothing overseas. Part of the reason for this is that with our children being so young (6 & 3) we have decided that for the considerable cost involved they would not get the relevant experience/memories from such a trip and as a result have decided to think outside the box and have definitely though BIG.

We have made the decision to take separate international holidays this year, I really want to head back to America where my wife wants to experience parts of Asia and this year we have the ability to do so. As a result in just over 6 weeks I will be boarding a China Southern Airlines flight to New York the city that never sleeps from there onto Vegas and Los Angeles (LA).

Now this trip is huge, it started out as a flying trip to Vegas for a few days for a mates wedding and just grew and grew, now that mate isn’t even getting married. To be honest I am super excited and a little scared, not scared of the trip but being away from my two girls and my wife for so long. It will be tough on all 3 of them and I will miss the incredibly but a boys trip (my cousin Kieran and I) to the USA wow.

As part of this trip I will be flooding the Dare to Think Big socials Twitter, and Instagram with a whole of travel pics, if you see anything you like please I urge you to share with anyone and everyone. These pictures will serve two-fold, great promotional for this site but also a great way for my family back home to check out everything that I get up to whilst on the other side of the world.

For me travelling has always been about thinking big, making the most of the experience, seeing an doing as much as possible, I mean if you are going to spend 20 hours in transit one way and thousands of dollars you may as well make the most of it. When we get back I will need a holiday to recover from my holiday and I have arranged just that, I get back on the first Saturday of the school holidays and have that week at home as well the spend with my girls.

I look forward to sharing more details with you over the coming weeks such a big bucket list items that are being ticked off as part of the trip

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