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Dare to think big dare to dream big, I have started this site to follow a dream a desire of mine to become my own boss, to build an income large enough to support myself and my amazing family primarily from online ventures.

This is not the first time that I have tried to start a blog, I have had quite a few attempts at it both on my own and with mates and family involved. Working with others who don’t have the same goals and ideas as you in this space when starting out is very hard on so many levels which is why those sites have failed. In regards to the blogs and websites that I have started on my own I have either lost patience because I was reading all the wrong “web gurus” who told me how fast I can make an income or I was writing something that I honestly had very little interest in or motivation to write about.

This time things will be different, I don’t expect to be able to quit my full time job anytime soon probably not for a couple of years or more and I will be writing about me, my life, my goals, any little tips and tricks I have picked up on in my almost 34 years of life. I am now at the stage of life where I want almost everything I do to be a success to some degree. There is no more of just ripping open the box and start assembling, its now about taking time to read the instructions plan out the project to give myself every opportunity to get the best possible outcome.  

As per the name I am daring to think big, look long term to achieve my goals instead of just focusing on there here an now. Work hard today to reap the rewards in the years to come in place of just days or hours. This week is the first week of school here in Australia and I have had the week off from my full time job and took my eldest daughter to her first day of school for the year, walked her to her classroom something I have only done a handful of times over her first 2 years of school and then the very next day did the same again and also got to take my younger daughter to her first day of kindy. These are great experiences things I love doing and with hard work and hopefully your support sharing my content, letting more people know about my site this will one day become a regular possibility.

Please comment below it would be great to read about your goals, what you want to achieve out of life and the plans you are putting place to make those goals a reality. One big lesson I have learnt is that for most people in life basically everyone not born into elite high society nothing is given to you, we must work for everything that we get, we need to make things happen for ourselves always be moving forward because if your standing still you may as well be going backward. So Dare yourself to think big, together we can set out on a journey to achieve new and great things.

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