Where I am starting with no online skills

If you are still reading after looking at the title of this post then you know the feeling, when you sit there looking at your computer wondering where to start, what you can do to get your new online business off the ground. Now there are hundreds probably even thousands of courses online that you can enroll in and a big chunk of them for free but that doesn’t get you earning quickly in most cases especially if you are like me and have a full time job to go to each day.

So where to from here, well you may not like the next sentence but here goes. Cut back on the coffee or vending machine snacks for the next few days and invest that $5-$10 in yourself. Some of the biggest companies in the world make money by outsourcing and we can do that to.

Fiverr has so many options for just $5 well $5 US plus the service fee and any applicable tax in your country but either way still a great deal to get yourself a brand new logo a Youtube intro video, a guest post promoting your site on a popular block or social media account. You name it and you can pretty much find it on Fiverr. Now full disclosure the links to Fiverr are affiliate links but I am only doing this as I have had a couple of successful projects completed by people on the site such as my resume re written and Ebay drop shipping setup and I am now getting whiteboard animations made with I will share with you over the coming days once they are ready to go.

Now I am not recommending spending big dollars on here yet as it is not something that I have done but there are plenty of options available here to help get the budding entrepreneur to get started. If and when I have more projects completed I will share them will you along with the results especially anything that specifically relates to Dare to Think Big which I will keep looking into each time I earn a few dollars online or on my phone from a few money making apps I am testing out.

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