Why You Should Have A Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list, The thrill you get when you tick something off that list is amazing the sense of accomplishment you feel when you can finally say been there done that to something of such significance to you is so powerful it makes you just want to do it again and again.

Now understanding the power achieving such a goal isn’t just a thrill it is one great motivator, to learn to harness that power with have you placing ticks all over that bucket list in no time. It is easy to have a goal to make money, its what you do once you have that money that will determine if you are happy and successful or not.

When it comes to your bucket list the first thing I can say is Dare to Think Big, put some top end goals on there, the bigger the dream the more accomplished you will feel when you finally cross that off your list. That being said they don’t all need to be reaching for the sky some just out of reach and close to home is a perfect place to help you get started and start feeling the power of success. Each bucket list item should get progressively harder for you to obtain. For me 1 of my bucket list items was returning to America but then there was also a whole bunch of items that when in tandem with that, attend an NBA game at Madison Square Garden, attend and NHL game at Madison Square Garden, See Lebron James play, see David Copperfield in Las Vegas and a few more. On my trip upcoming I am doing all of those things and it is super exciting to finally be able to do this. The sense of accomplishment I feel in insane. David Copperfield for me is a huge one as last time I went to America it was with my wife, we partly booked out time in Vegas as to when we thought David Copperfield would be in Vegas based on what was on his schedule at the time as his schedule it did not go as far out as our trip (we booked well in advance). You know what happened on the most frustrating thing, whilst I was in Las Vegas David Copperfield was in Australia, in fact, he performed in my home town whilst I was in Las Vegas I could not believe it. That being said that just enhanced my drive to want to see him live to get myself to somewhere he was performing an ideally back to Vegas inline with his schedule. FYI I have got my ticket and I am sitting in the front row.

So that was a big motivation for me a huge bucket list item was are your items what is driving you. If you have no goals no targets you will have no drive, if you have no drive to succeed your accomplishments will be few and far between.

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